Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, June 11, 2008

There is news coming out of Egypt of the possible discovery of new tombs in the Valley of the Kings. It's fragmentary and confusing and has to be pieced together. In this blog I will do that and try to keep you, my readers, up to date with any breaking news of KV64.

Kate Phizackerley


Doris said...

Coo - this sounds exciting. Thank you for keeping your nose to the scent and sharing your findings. I love all things Egyptian - but on a superficial level. Even one of the rooms in our house has a slight Egyptian feel with stenciled mural and even a cotton sewn souvenir mural that I have mounted in a frame. It is a collage made from different pieces of cotton and is alleged to be from the 1920s and I wonder, in a ghoulish way, if some of those fabrics are actually from mummy wrappings!

I'm here from Jo's blog by the way :-)

Kate Phizackerley said...

Hi Doris,

I wondered how you had found it so quickly!


Doris said...


It's the ole blogging networks!


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