Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, October 05, 2008

Although KV64 and KV65 have now been recognised, poring over all the news there seems to be speculation that 3 tombs have been found - the third would probably be KV66. Since KV66 doesn't seem to have been designated yet, it suggests that evidence for it remains sketchy - it may be a features which does not turn out to be an entrance or tomb.

Similarly, the speculation on the possible burials within KV64 and KV65 remains that: speculation. However, there is a report that an ostracon of Queen Isetnofret was found in the area. Isetnofret was a wife of Ramesses II and mother of Merentptah. Following the death of Nefertari, she became chief wife.

It would surprise me though, if Isetnofret, wife of Ramesses II, was burried in the Kings' Valley as Nefertari was burried in the Valley of the Queens - and her tomb QV66 is the most magnificent in the Queens' Valley. Still, as a major queen of Ramses II, her tomb if/when it is found is likely to be a very major discovery. It is also possible that the Isetnofret ostracon refers to a previously unknown queen of that name, or may be unrelated to the entrance found. Indeed, Dr Hawass has reportedly said that KV65 is the tomb of a late 18th Dynasty Queen and that there is evidence (of an unspecified nature but possibly it's exact location), that it was covered over during the 19th Dynasty.

It's unclear whether there is anything so far to associate KV64 with Ramesses VIII other than that his tomb remains unlocated and is of the right period for the style of entrace found. There are, however, other missing tombs including a number of queens and princesses and the discovery of a tomb of a high priest cannot be discounted. To my mind, the attribution to Ramesses VIII seems somewhat speculative.

The tenative, unconfirmed (and quite possibly wrong) rumours therefore suggest:

KV64 - Rameside = Ramesses VIII?
KV65 - unknown queen (Isetnofret?)
KV66 - ????

And this leaves aside the radar anomaly reported by Nicholas Reeves.

PS There are many alternative spelllings of Isetnofret including Isisnofret, Isetnofred and Isisnofred!


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