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A huge thank you to Ian Emery who not only has given permission for me to use the two photos he had on Flickr, but has kindly uploaded some more which show the excavations in even greater detail. I've put a medium size image of each on the blog and linked to Ian's Flickr photostream so you can download higher resolution images if you would like them for research. I'm sure Ian would appreciate comments from anybody who agrees with me that these are a cracking set of photos. (There are also one or some further simila photos which I chose not to display.) These images remain copyright to Ian who should be contacted if you would like to display them elsewhere.

The photos were taken on 4th January. Ian's guide didn't comment on the excavations so there's no additional background information.

This first photo clearly shows the scale of central excavation, right next to the main toursit path near KV62. The same image is shown again in the next image. This has a bit of sun flare but the view is less obstructed by workmen.

The image above clearly shows what I believe to be an ancient hut and the entrance to the intriguing cavity. I'm uncertain of the image below but think it shows the cliffside excavationd around KV8. If anybody can confirm this, please add a comment. There is clearly a large workforce drafted.

As I mentioned above, I think the image below shows the entrance to KV8. I initialy got excited by the power cable in the previous images - was this power for temporary lighting in a new tomb - but it seems to be going in to KV8. Putting the images together though, it suggests that activity is concentrated in the area just in front of KV8.


I checked the Theban Mapping Project Database and there's a clear picture of the entrance of KV8. (The image shown is copyright to TMP and is reproduced to aid research into the excavations.) Below it, I've added a crop of Ian's image showing the entrance.

Although the downslope retaining wall has been removed from the bath, the shape of the division between smooth and rough concrete is identical so we can be sure that the entrance is indeed KV8. The scale of the excavation is also very apparent.


This doesn't rate a separate post because the commentary is so awful(she wonders why they are not using bulldozers) and the photographer didn't pan into the excavation, but if you wish to see the pace of work this YouTube video from December 2008 shows work going on.


Jan Bailey said...

The photos show the working on two separate digs.
Tombs are numbered when they are found, however Z. Hawass announced, and prematurely gave numbers at the start of the digs. The pottery that is placed near KV62 is not from the interior of any tomb just found (as reported by someone here) Digging of all the area is now underway from KV8 cutting back to KV62 and creating a very dangerous path for November rains to flood down. The centre valley dig photo shows a cave, not a tomb entrance. N. Reeves scans only penetrated a few metres down and thus his other anomalies are turning out to be holes and pipes. However, The centre Valley dig (in front of the Rest House) will most likely reveal a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings,inspired by the Flood Theory of S. Cross see article (Cross Stephen W. 'The Hydrology of the Valley of the Kings, Egypt', in JEA 94, 2008.) Jan Bailey

Kate Phizackerley said...

Thanks for the update and additional information, particularly for confirming that the large entrance visible in the photos 1-3 is a natural cave.

Although the pottery isn't from a tomb (it would have been astonishing for it to be left in the open if it had been), it's still interesting as it shows the ground is probably undisturbed in modern times. Do you know whether it has been dated?

Emily Whale said...
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AliceG said...

Wonderful pictures. Thank you. I'm a bit confused here. I thought you had to check your cameras as you entered the valley.

Kate Phizackerley said...

New rules!


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