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I'm reposting this photo by Luxury Travel Magazine, cropped closer and rotated slightly in response to Martial's comment on the original post since I know many people don't subscribe to the comments feed. He wrote:

What you can see on the block is not really an "Horus'eye", but hieroglyph writting;on left side :a part of circle for "RA", and its determinative /in middle part : the lower part of a reed for "king" (n(y)-sw) /on right side : eye+ t+ small wave = to do by /Not enough to give a complete interpretation, but ... there is a king !


Martial from Paris

Thanks to Martial for correcting me. It's obviously very interesting. I'd love to know more - such as where this rock was found! Even knowing whether it came out of the central excavation or the cliffside would be interesting as we know that Dr Hawass has dropped hints about the tomb of Ramesses VIII being found. I did try to see whether the paintings on the rock could match Ramesses VIII and it didn't seem to, but if anybody could suggest some possible matches that would be great - my ability to read hieroglyphics is about as good as my ability to read Mandarin.

I've also tried playing with the original image.  I'm fairly sure this a flat painting not a relief but there's clearly a layer of white plaster beneath the paint.  There are also suggestions of some faded paint in other areas but the resolution of the photo isn't high enough to allow me to sharpen just those sections.


ChristineGray said...

This rock did come out of the central excavation.

Kate Phizackerley said...

Cheer Christine


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