Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, February 08, 2009

Another excavtion in the Valley of the Kings?
This photo intrigues me. It is from David Hay's set. It seems to show a worker carrying a heavy basket (full of stone?) from an area slightly to the right of the excavations by KV8 ie the other side of KV7. If you look, there's another photo in the set that seems to show activity in this area. It's not where stone is being taken to be dumped - I'm told that the excavated stone is being taken to the Western Valley. Have the excavations been extended into a third area?

David, by the way, has some more intriguing photos which aren't on Flickr (upload limits) but we wonder if they show the team from Helsinki university. I'll pop them up here but I'd prefer to clarify whether they are the Helsinki team or not first. Does anybody have any photos of the area in which the Helsinki team were working on the huts up in the hills?



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