Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, February 23, 2009

With a massive thank you to the reader who sent me these photos, here are a couple of photos from 8th February showing that the central excavation has been extended further south as a mentioned in an earlier post. This takes the excavation towards one of the sonar anomalies the Stanford Research Institute team detected in 1976.
Can I suggest that you click on the first of these photos to load the higher resolution copy in your browser. Take a look in the near foreground on the shoulder of the watercourse past KV8. Just in front of the seated workers there seems to be an elaborate metallic cover. This is in one of the sites which always seems to be busy in photos.


Anonymous said...

Looked at the 'elaborate metalic cover' as you suggested, but it seems to be the umbrella under which the dig supervisor sits in picture no. 950, as posted by Mr. Hay in your posting on 6 Feb, or am I looking in the wrong place?

Kate Phizackerley said...

That's a possibility and would explain the shape.

Dennis said...

Has anyone mapped the recent digs onto Reeves GPR survey anomalies? The crude one I did seems to put the cave at Reeves "feature 7" The cables feeding KV-9, KV-62 and, KV-10 do not appear to be in the area of "feature 5" as Dr. Hawass seems to claim. My guess is that "feature 5" is around the down sloping debris just to the east of KV-62. Is Steve (Hydrology) Cross looking in?

Dennis said...

Did anyone else notice the same guy leaning on the same shovel in photos 1 and 2? Just beyond the cave and on the west side of the new dig area.
Are there plastered walls on the interior of the newly unearthed 'workers huts' in the new dig area?

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why they are not excavating under the workmens huts.

Take measurements, make drawings, take photos, document everything and then take them down, look whats beneath, till they hit solid rock. Its not like those huts are masterpieces of architecture.

They have been documented since the 1920s by Carter I think.
NOW is the time to look whats beneath them, it might be the last chance the SCA will allow such a dig in that place.

All that wide-area digging makes me nervous, they should really stay in one place, meticulously excavate till they hit bedrock, document everything they can, then refill that space so tourists have room to move and then move to another location and repeat.

Its like they are trying too hard to find a tomb this season, so Zahi can claim 'his' tomb before retirement.

But I am not an archaeologist so what do I know...

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