Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, February 06, 2009

Geoff Carter has an article on his Theoretical Structural Archaeology blog about the threats to wooden objects in Eyptian tombs. Talking about KV63, Geoff says

The tomb turned out to be a cache of material associated with mummification and other aspects of burial; clearly it was thought inappropriate to throw such materials away. The dryness of the tomb had preserved rare organic finds such as pillows and mats, but initial interest focused on 7 wooden coffins, some with beautiful painted faces. On closer inspection, termites had attacked all but two, so that in places it was the decoration that was holding the object together. This is a conservation nightmare, and stabilising these objects so that they can be removed from the tomb to lab, usually in pieces, is a slow and painstaking task. It has been suggested that the termites may have arrived from workmen’s huts constructed by later tomb builders, - the same huts that hid this, and Tutankhamun’s tomb, for over 3000 years.

Pop over to Geoff's blog for the full article.



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