Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This photo taken by Drew Noakes on 24th January doesn't add much to the tale, but since people have been pleading for something more recent, I thought I would post it up. I think this is the bottom of the cliffside excavation and shows that the stream bed has been followed and cleared down to the tourist path.
I know views on this clearance are mixed but I welcome seeing the Valley cleared of rubbish. We know for instance that people like Howard Carter just moved rubble from one area to another - inevitably downwards. I would like to see the valley bottom restored. After all, referring back to the ostracon which mentioned Queen Isinofret,that referred to a willow tree. It would be good to understand the Eastern Valley of the Kings in the context of a watercourse again. Clearing the watercourses of rubble may also prove to be the best defence for the tombs against future flash floods. That of course means the watercourse in the bottom of the Valley of the Kings needs to be cleared. Indeed, one risk now is that a flood would cascade down this newly cleared watercourse and pool in the bottom before spilling over the tourist path and into low lying tombs. I suspect Dr Hawass has started something which must now be followed to its ultimate conclusion. Inevitably, I think, the tourist path is going to need to be re-sited.


Geoff Carter said...

Note the power cables going up the Wadi, do they require lighting up there?

Anonymous said...

I think i have seen power cables in other pictures before. It looked like they go to KV8.

The exposed bedrock 'cliffs' in this picture. are interesting, they seem to be shaped into roughly rectangular ledges.

It will be interesting to follow the excavation progress in the coming weeks. I do not think that they will simply refill that area with rubble afterwards.

One thing that seems to be overlooked so far is the bedrock behind those workman huts near the resthouse, on top of that 'cave'-chamber (other picture). There is a smooth rectangular cutout in the cliff with a smooth floor slab. This was once a shaft, or part of a larger chamber of a tomb. In a later period this area was excavated very deep, deeper even than those workmen's huts. This destroyed the shaft or chamber. Since that remaining chamber corner we can see today is so close to the current valley floor, it must have been constructed early in the history of the valley, in my opinion.

Kate Phizackerley said...

Yes, I've chased the cables back on several photos and they run up to KV8. As they have removed the pathway, thay have exposed the cable trench so the power cables need to run over the surface. I've seen no sign that the power cables have been tapped for anything else.


Anonymous said...

For up to date factual information about what really is happening with the central area dig click on

Anonymous said...

Kate, I see that the red box I pointed to earlier has appeared again. I had thought it was a GPR but was unsure (and only as if someone else knew). Somehow I am skeptical (from disappointment) that there is not central area KV-64,

Kate Phizackerley said...

@Anonymous. I've looked at the Hawass site and so far it doesn't say "what is really happening". Still, next week will be the real test as now the new Dr Hawass site is up, hopefully we will get a detailed daily (or at least weekly dig diary) like for instance those of the teams working at Karnak.

@Dennis. The red boxes appear in numerous photos and I am fairly sure they are GPR. Hawass has again mentioned the use of GPR as well.



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