Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, February 23, 2009

Excavations in the Valley of the Kings looking north
Excavations in the Valley of the Kings looking SE from above KV8

I love these two photo, again from 14th January, as as they show very clearly the locations and extent of the excavations 6 weeks ago. Notice the activity well to the north (top in the first photo) beyond KV7 and that the central excavation already shows signs of extension south of the cave by KV63 - and indeed the location of KV63 for those who haven't visited the Valley of the Kings since discovery of that tomb.

Just to be clear, the first one is from the southern end of the Valley of the Kings looking north down the wadi. The second is a view from above KV8 looking approximately SE.


Anonymous said...

I spotted two interesting things in the foreground of the second photo. Something like a red pot amongst the rocks on the left side. And a black circle on one of the rocks closer to the camera.

Anonymous said...

I meant on the foreground right, sorry. I hope it doesn't get stolen, now i wrote this. It may be a souvenir also.

Chris said...

Is it possible that the buildings themselves are protecting/concealing the main entrances to the tombs? I haven't seen pictures of what that area looked like before SCA started digging.


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