Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, February 16, 2009

Walwyn on Flickr captured these two images of the cliffside excavations on 5th February 2009. The first again shows workers clustered to the north of KV7. In photos from a wide variety of dates, we have seen workers gathered here.
The second shows the clearest view yet of the excavations in the watercourse alongside KV8. There are a few points of interest. Firstly, as I have mentioned previously, this photo clearly shows the electrical cables are just the lighting for KV8. Next, an area of the watercourse has been re-filled to create a level platform. Looking back, this platform has existed for sometime and there are frequent photos of workers on it with what are believed to be radar devices. Finally, there is a worn path leading from the back left of the entrance of KV8 to the cliffside, but not to somewhere it is possible to ascend the cliff.

I have watched Hawass's Fora TV lecture again. I'm struck now by apparent contradictions in that. For instance, I am struggling to reconcile the Cuts marked on the first of his slides with the marked extent of the excavations. Also, he clearly talked of removing big stones by the cliffs and hinted at finding something underneath. That again doesn't tie up to the cuts marked on the slide which are clearly in the smaller scree well away from cliff and large rocks.
Referring back to the first leaks in 2008, the talk does seem to be of locations between KV7 and KV8, so I am inclined to think that the cuts are where they are marked and that the excavation of the watercourse is additional. One could theorise that a long tomb has been detected in that area by radar but significant clearance was needed to locate an entrance? Pure guesswork of course. The location right under the cliff does seem to be a third location. It's also become very hard in photos to tie locations together as comparing images of KV8 from a couple of years ago and now, very large quantities of debris have been removed. The only features which have definitely remained constant are the profile of the cliffs and tomb entrances. With photos taken from different angles and elevations, direct comparisons become almost impossible.
Going right back to the Spotlight Interview of July 28, 2008, Dr Hawass is reported as saying:
Zahi: In October we will continue with these two tombs, KV 64 and KV 65, and we found a tomb that’s coming from up down, and we found in the cliff a man made wall, and the bottom area to be like the entrance of a tomb, and working in the Tomb of Seti. This winter the Valley of the Kings will be so busy that no one really can believe what will happen.
That suggests at least 3 targets, possibly 4. At that time, he was also very confidently talking of an Amarna era tomb. The more articles I write, the more I am convinced that several tombs have been found. I also predict some sort of announcment (perhaps not entirely comprehensive) in the next couple of months.
PS Walwyn theorises that the piles of pottery we have seen may be out of KV63? That seems doubtful to me as I thought the conservation work for that was being done within KV10? More likely I am guessing the pottery is from the huts that have been exposed?


Anonymous said...

The spots he calls KV64 and 65 in October are much more behind KV8, end of wadi. So are seperate from the current work between KV8 and KV7. The latter work surely implies nothing was found at those earlier two spots...which he is now careful not to mention anymore..

Anonymous said...

The pottery on display beside KV62 is form the work done between KV7 and KV8. So not from KV63 nor from Central Area work.

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