Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The quality is less than perfect but for anybody still trying to grasp the location of the current excavatioms, this video taken from by KV62 shows their location clearly. The tent over the excavation by KV7 is clearly visible.

I have contacted the photographer and asked when it was shot but I would guess late January.

If the diagrams on Nicholas Reeves site are accurate, then Feature 5 (aka his KV64) is clearly still beneath the path retained for tourist access alongside KV62.


Anonymous said...

Videoing in the Calley id NOT ALLOWED and this is an illegal showing. You could be prosecuted by the SCA for having this one your site.

Anonymous said...

Tosh old chap, You buy an extra ticket at the ticket office to use your camcorder!

Kate Phizackerley said...

I suggest you contact YouTube as they are the publisher - all I am doing is providing a link.

I have commented many times that the SCA's approach to news management is outdated and no longer fit for purpose. You cannot hide excavations undertaken in the Valley of the Kings, at Karnak Temple, on the Giza Plateau etc ... unless they are willing to shut the sites and forego the tourist dollars. I think one thing this site proves is just how much can be pieced together these days using Web 2.0.

The world has changed and it's time for the SCA to realise that and use it to their advantage.


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