Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, March 22, 2009

I mentioned this bed in my post on 9th February, but there is now a very good picture on the KV63 site, along with new photos of the conservation of the coffins. I have shown a copy here as I believe the SCA was handing out copies of this photo for press use so I think it is OK to show it here. The copy on the KV63 site is slightly higher resolution, and the photos of the coffins make a visit to that site worthwhile anyway.

This is what Otto Shaden has to say about the bed:

As mentioned in my 7 February update we discovered a very unique wooden bed inside Jar #13. In addition to finding the bed in the jar we also found three wooden boards (wrapped in linen) with 4 “prongs” or “legs” which may have served as supports for the bed. We now have enough such “legs” for four bed supports, but only 3 wrapped boards (ca. 50 cm in length) have been uncovered.

During a brief visit to KV-10/KV-63 on March 1st by Dr. Zahi Hawass, he called attention to one of our SCA conservators, Amany Nashed, for her good work on the restoration of the bed. Dr. Hawass also suggested we try placing the bed on the supports--- which we did the following day and they appear to be a good fit. The KV-63 website already has a few images of the bed and supports posted (*plus some new ones added today) but more images will be made available soon.

The bed is 68" (170cm) long and was probably used to lay out the mummy/body during the embalming process and not intended for a burial. It increases the view that there should be another Amarna era tomb in the vicinity of KV63, probably of female mummies. It's clear that KV63 was important for embalming and was probably relatively close to the tomb(s) into which the mummies were then sealed. It can't have been for KV55 as that was almost certainly a reburial from Amarna (either of Akhenaten or Smenkhare) and embalming wouldn't have been needed. It seems very unlikely that if it had been used for Tutankhamun that no discards with his name would be found in KV63. Everything suggests - to me at least - that there is one or more further tombs in the vicinity.


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