Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, March 30, 2009

With thanks to a reader for posting this link in a comment, Hawass in Atlanta on 26th March has again been speaking of finding the tomb of Nefertiti.

While stopping short of making an outright prediction, he suggested that his team would make the next big find – the tomb of Queen Nefertiti, who has assumed a legendary status as one of the world’s most beautiful women ever to have lived.
It's the only write up I've been able to find and I can't tell whether this is a journalist jumping to conclusions or whether Hawass really did drop more hints about the tomb of Nefertiti. Hawass is campaigning for the bust of Nefertiti in Berlin to be returned to Egypt as we know, and I am just a little suspicious that keeping Nefertiti in the news could have as much to do with that campaign as it does archaeology in the Valley of the Kings.

He also spoke further in an interview afterwards about the new law copyrighting the image of antiquities from statues to Tutankhamun and even the pyramids. I really don't see how you can copyright the image of the pyramids long after it has been in the public domain and I don't understand copyright law well enough to guess whether a new law past in Egypt as any effect in Europe and America.


Anonymous said...

Intruiging, although am I the only cyncial person to suggest that the good Doctor is probably clutching at straws now?

Don't take this the wrong way - it would be marvellous for an all Egyptian team to make a significant discoery in the VOK. I just think we would have heard about it already, if that was the case.

His search for the tomb of Ramesses VIII appears to be fruitless, and as for his suggestion that Sneferu's burial awaits discovery in the bent pyramid...please!

The anomaly under the VOK rest house & the curious boulder above Deir El Bahari seem to be worthy of investigation, though!


The Green Man

rymerster said...

If there is anything under the VOK resthouse it will be close to the plot of the 80s thriller movie "Sphinx" where a later pharoah's tomb is hidden under the centre of the valley. In the movie there is a scene where the heroine climbs under a urinal to get to the hidden tomb!

Geoff Carter said...

Let us not forget the ‘KV64’ radar anomaly, its still there, and, Dr Z has got a problem, it’s not qiite ‘his'.
However, surely he must have some strand of evidence for Nefertiti, otherwise he is going out on a bit of limb.

Anonymous said...

The games people have to play. I thought it is interesting that Dr. Hawass has to tip-toe arround what he's got, but at the same time keep the public's attention. I still think the old doctor has several finds that he's sitting on. Reading between the lines of his lectures(Atlanta & Dallas) & press release (3/28/2009), he's deciding which discovery to tackle first. The so called "Dig Season" is over and there aren't going to be alot of people in the valley, so what better time to do some serious excavation. Good-bye "Rest Building", Good-bye "Central Valley Huts", Good-bye crowds that look over your shoulder, Good-bye unwanted published photos. For being so late "In the Dig Season", the second picture, by Sandro vannini, posted with the 3/28/2009press release, shows quite a bit of activity. I looked back at all the pics of the central valley excatation and there wasn't any signs of a "Shaft" at appears at the bottom/center of the 3/28/2009 pic. It also appears that in the 3/28/2009 photo, there are two teams working in this area. One team is at the left/center and the other team is at the upper/right. Finally, it may appear that there's a shaft to the right of the man in the red shirt in this photo also. So much work, so late in the season means something!!! Dr. Hawass no doubt was not only giving "Lectures" in the USA, but, I would guess, he was also seeing who would pay the most to cover the discoveries, ie, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, CNN(thier in Atlanta). Look for this May, as the time things will be finally revealed!!!!


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