Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jane Akshar's blog carries an update from Otto Schaden that isn't on the main KV-63 site. (The good doctor is suffering from slow computer links in Luxor.)

I think by now I don't believe it is fair (and in many cases legal) to copy large sections of text. It's quite a long report so if you are interested, you can read it all on Jane's blog. For me, these are the most interesting paragraphs:

As the first resin came off of Coffin E’s lid, it appeared we had the name of a woman, Btau/Butau, a fairly common woman’s name already in the Middle Kingdom and into the New Kingdom --- but after cleaning resin off the texts on the box, it became clear that the name included the “hnwt” (mistress) and was thus Henut-wadjbu, a common woman’s name in the new kingdom.
And ...

We have only begun dealing with the resin on some of the very poorly preserved sides of the box of Coffin A, but despite the bad condition of much of the wood, we have found some interesting texts. After further cleaning we will send a report to Dr. Zahi Hawass and later provide more details in our next Update.
It's interesting that Coffin E is inscribed for a fairly low status woman - quite unexpected in the Valley of the Kings. It's interesting to speculate what it might be doing there. Was it being re-labelled for somebody more senior? Did the Valley of the Kings also serve as the embalmers' headquarters for the Tombs of the Nobles as well?

It's also tantalising to wonder what inscriptions have been found on Coffin A.



mary said...

hello kate, maybe she was a close family friend?, or a wet nurse? something like that? mary.xx


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