Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When I first posted my previous post, I had a photo of the wrong boulder. Many thanks to Kamil for correcting me and supplying the right photos. (I have changed the photo in the first post, but just to be certain I have repeated the correct photo in this post as well.)

The boulder is much bigger than I thought - in the lowest photo above it is the boulder on which the guy with the blank shirt is standing. I now also better understand the difficult it posts. It isn't just the boulder itself, it would also mean clearing all the other rocks from around it and of which may fall - and moving them could dislodge the big boulder, and as the middle photo shows, they are working right above the Deir el-Bahri temples.

While there may be something beneath the boulder all is not lost as one other location is suspected of harbouring the entrance to a tomb.


styler78 said...

Kate- how feasable would it be to create some sort of "safety net" (i appreciate it would have to be very well planned and extremely strong) and then start to pick away bit by bit at the large boulder until a much smaller boulder is left. Then, slowly shifting the loose debris around the boulder, locate a crane at the top of the mountains to lift the remaining boulder? The safety- net type aparatus would catch any pieces of debris heading in the direction of the buildings below.

Anonymous said...

Some form of action will be inevitable one day to protect the temple below as these huge boulders definitely pose a threat!

Brian Miller said...

wonderful pics! thanks for sharing!

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