Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jane Akshar's blog is showing a photo of pottery found in the tomb of Ay (WV23). I'm not entirely certain whether the potter has come from within the tomb of Ay or elsewhere in the Western Valley. Either is important. If new discoveries are being made within the tomb of Ay, that is probably more Amarna era finds which always cause excitement. It's a while since I visted the tomb but coincidentally I was looking through my photos from inside the tomb this morning as I was taking them in to get them digitised. My recollection is that tomb looked to have been fully excavated.

Finds from elsewhere in the Western Valley may be even more interesting.


Martin said...

If the pottery comes from the Ay tomb it must be something Otto Schaden missed back in 1972 when he reexcavated the tomb for his University of Minnesota Doctoral Dissertation. His major find at that time was the lid of Ay's sarcohpagus.

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