Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, March 27, 2009

An update on the work in the Valley of the Kings has come from a surprising source, Nigel Hetherington's Past Preservers. There is no mention of new tombs, other than an indication that one may lie beneath the Rest House as many readers here have suspected; but there is a photograph of Dr Hawass and the Egyptian excavation team so this press release clearly has been sanctioned.


Dennis said...

I see ZH has the same story with one additional photo posted. His statement of something under the rest area seems to be either Reeves' "feature 3" or "feature 8". Probably "feature 8" judging by the current digging areas. He has put this central area aside for now saying he would have to remove the rest area. His engineers could put in a simple arched tunnel support one brick at a time and keep pace with a dig.
By the way there is what seems to be a blue tarp at the bottom the 'black hole' in Zahi's central area photo. The south and east cave wall is visible at the center right of Dr. Hawass' photo.

Anonymous said...

interesting. does anyone know the history of that rest area? in this photo =- it looks to be relatively easy to excavate through/partially dismantle if necessary.

have they dug deep enough yet to detect some of reeves' features, or have they now done more radar work?

Anonymous said...

Dennis, as a standard rule, archaeologists never dig sideways tunnels, unless they are excavating a historical tunnel, like in the tomb of Seti I. They dig down in layers and document the layers and features in each layers on scale maps.

Which brings me to another point: So far, judging from photos of the digs in the valley, I have seen no archaeologists drawing maps during the excavations. Today there are 3D laser scanners available that could produce digital maps, but so far I have seen nothing similar in the photos on this site.

I mean, Hawass and his team must surely document the excavation with maps, or not? What is going on?

I was a dig helper in a small dig in my home town once, they had to scientifically document that place before building on that site. EVEN I, not being an archaeologist, had to drew scale maps of the layers and finds on millimeter paper at the end of each day!


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