Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dear all,

Not sure when the problem began but Photobucket decide to spray ads all over my blog page. It's yet another issue from when I changed the template. I left the graphics hosted at the original (free) Photobucket location set up by the designer when I adopted the template. As this blog has got more popular, it trigger the bandwidth limit.

I have now manged to grab all the graphics, download them, upload them to web space I pay for (but don't much use), and edit the template to grab the graphics from the new location. In short, I hope I have fixed it.

I'll post something about KV63 tomorrow but I think Andie has it well covered already, so I'd rather go and sort my other templates out that have the same problem.

Sorry again


Anonymous said...

don't always assume that everyone reads all the egypt related blogs - i only read yours and a couple of others via google reader, so have no idea who Andie is.????

Ben Morales-Correa said...

You should add Andie to your Google Reader, as she has one of the most informative blogs about Egypt and Egyptology.

Kate Phizackerley said...

I'd agree with Ben.

Blogs are maintained by individuals in our spare time. There will be days like yesterday when I didn't have time to update, but I know Andie did. Equally, if there is anything today, I'll post it up tonight but it's Andie's birthday (Happy Birthday Andie) so she won't.

There's also some quite big differences in what we post.

Andie's blog is very good and I would recommend it to anybody interested in Ancient Egypt.

Anonymous said...

If you are a regular reader of Kates blog then you must have seen numerous reference to Andies blog. I frequently read them both and they are both excellent. While both post data/updates gleaned from other web sites and are both highly informative, Kates blog is slightly more of a community and has a higher content of postings of photos, opinions, anecdotes etc by readers themselves and is thus slightly more of a two way street being used more as an interactive and analytical mechanism.

Anonymous said...

hello kate, you will laugh, but i thought it was something i had done, i was wondering what wrong button i had touched. i am just learning the computer you see, love mary.xx

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