Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, April 19, 2009

Otto Shaden has posted the final update on the 2009 season in KV63.

As mentioned in the last update, Coffin A’s fragments proved to be quite interesting. Though very fragmentary and fragile because of termite damage, some key texts could be recovered from under the resin coating….the title “Royal Nurse” ( mn’t nsw ) and the name ‘Iny’. The longest translatable connected text was on the top cross band, left side: ‘Revered, (may) I see Re in the sky and drink water from the pool [ … ].’ Conspicuous by its absence, the deceased is never identified as ‘Osiris’ and the usual deities are not cited. The one example (quoted above) where we have the usual “revered” there is no qualification such as ‘revered by Anubis’ etc. This lack of the traditional deities strongly suggests that this coffin was probably
fashioned during the reign of Akhenaton when many of the traditional deities
were abandoned.

Many will be very interested that this coffin has been dated to the Amarna period. That makes it very rare and it encourages the hope that more material from that period may yet be found in the Valley of the Kings. There's more on the KV63 site, so it's worth reading.


Anonymous said...

As the contents of KV 63 have been dated to the Amarna period, an interesting question to me is how much natron would have been used for the mummification of one individual, for example Tut.

KV 63 contained about 400 kg of natron, that seems to be very very much for a single mummy. Maybe the natron was also used for the mummies found in KV 55?

Was natron reused? I don't know much about ancient egyptian beliefs an mummification, but that seems to lack respect.


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