Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, April 13, 2009

... he's a new video on his blog outlining the work he is undertaking at the moment.

1) There are nice pictures of tombs at Saqqara. I don't follow the minutiae of news from Lower Egypt so I'm not sure whether it is something new or a rehash.

2) There is video of work in the Valley of the Kings but nothing we've not already seen here on this blog. Mostly he is repeating what he's spoken about recently in places like Atlanta but the pictures of some cartouches found are new. There's no announcement of a tomb but he intends to search for the tomb of Nefertiti. The location mentioned is a bit confused but he talks about "in front of King Tut" and "between KV63 and KV55" (I think - the commentary is slightly unclear at that point).

3) The DNA study is again trailed but nothing new is announced.

4) There is specific news regarding the tomb of Cleopatra. Radar has revealed 3 possible locations for a tomb entrance and they are starting to dig the first this week.

5) He is about to pick a team to work with him to investigate the doors found in the Great Pyramid "3 years ago". (I first saw a photo of one of these more than 10 years ago now.) The wording indicates firmly that Dr Hawass envisages leading this investigation himself so rumours of his forthcoming retirement would seem to be misplaced.

It's well worth watching, but don't expect anything momentous.


Dennis said...

"in front of King Tut" and "between KV63 and KV55" has 2 possibilities. There were the 2 holes under the old huts. One had a blue tarp covering the bottom. The other possibility is Reeves "feature 5" which Zahi left untouched (attacking it would have closed off foot traffic to many tombs).
I do now see why Hawass thinks there is a tomb under the rest house.

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