Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, June 14, 2009

I can't get this photo on the blog, so you will have to jump over to Flickr to see it. It's from 25th May and shows excavations are continuing up on the shoulders of the Valley of the Kings. There's no tomb in shot so it's hard to be sure to the exact location. My guess is that it's in the region where Dr Hawass first announced he had found KV64? - which will no doubt fuel speculation that he may have done as some have suggested and waited until after high season.



Dennis said...

Kate, I have been beating the bushes without any real data coming in. I am told that the excavations in KV have halted because of the heat and will not re-start 'till the temperatures come down again. No data on any 'finds'. It did seem strange that only one ('Zahi was here') sign was left at the dig in front of the shelters. Implication: The unmarked parts are to be opened next season????

Anonymous said...


I think it is quiet interesting that there are "NO PHOTOS" from the Valley of the Kings, since the end of May. Those pictures that are posted seem to be shot at a distance or seems to be taken at an angle, where the one taking the picture, does not bring attention to themself. I do and still feel that Hawass has put the central part of the "Valley", as a "NO PHOTO ZONE". He, Hawass, wants to control what information is given to the public. For good reason. Several years ago, there was a media frenzy about the discovery of the tomb of Akhenaten or his wife Nefertiti. The foreign press miss-quoted comments from members of the dig team that "Suggested" the possibility of a tomb, in a certan location, that may hold royalty. It turn outs that there was no tomb, no nothing. I also think that something has been found, due to the reason that the Egyptian team has only stopped digging because of the heat. Who knows, is this an effort to draw attention away from the valley so excavating can go on unnoticed. Is the "Valley" now closed for the season? Is there now limited access? And if the "Valley" is still open, is there a sign posted at the entrance that reads, "Please leave your camera on the bus or tram, THANK YOU". Well, we'll have to wait and see what the future holds. That's it for now.


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