Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, June 19, 2009

Dr Hawass has announced that an SCA mission under his leadership has found three new tombs at Dra Abu el-Naga on the West Bank of the Nile near Luxor. Two undecorated tombs have not been opened, but they have opened one shaft tomb:

Dr. Hawass stated that the newly discovered tomb belongs to the Supervisor of Hunters, Amun-em-Opet, and that it dates to shortly before the reign of King Akhenaten (1372-1355 BC).

They are not linked in the main article, but there is also a photo of the top of the shaft and an interior photo showing a conservator working on the ceiling of the tomb which has a small patch of decoration. Remains of two mummies have been found but are too fragmentary to be identified.

The team has also found funerary tomb seals for Amenhotep-Ben-Nefer, the Supervisor of the Cattle of Amun.


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