Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm not going to make a habbit of this, but as it's a slow news ... month ... here's something alternative that might interest some of you. One of our regular readers has written a detailed article examining the evidence that Hadrian's [stone] wall was the second barrier erected to keep out the northern barbarians. I've often read that a previous temporary structure was erected; well Geoff Carter believes that we now have evidence for that structure and that it was massive. You can read about it in his article in Hadrian's Timber Wall at Theoretical Structural Archaeology.

Although it is off topic it's a really good example of quality archaeological writing. It is fully referenced, presents the evidence but remains accessible to those approaching the subject for the first time. I wish we had more papers of this standard about the work in the Valley of the Kings. Wouldn't it be good, for instance, to see a proper write up of Hawass's 2008/9 season the Valley of the Kings covering the workmen's huts, the cave, the water feature alongside KV8 and so on?


Geoff Carter said...

Thanks for the plug Kate, as a freelance, without a current University Association, I am most grateful for the publicity, and your kind comments.

This is an important discovery, and a breakthrough in our understanding of the Roman Wall, what has been found is evidence of timber and earth wall, 10’ thick and about 20’ tall, and very probably 117km / 73.5 miles long, with 6 postholes every 4’, built in front of the stone wall. Constructed with an estimated 5 million 10’ timber baulks - It was one the largest wooden structures ever built . . . so if anybody out there is any good at publicity [hint] . . . it's a great story.
PS. An estimated 2.5 million trees were cut down to build it, so it would be nice to acknowledge their contribution to the Roman civilisation.

tim said...

Hi Kate

Quality work by Geoff as usual

Anonymous said...

Fascinating stuff. Thanks for posting Kate & good luck with the work, Geoff!


The Green Man

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