Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, August 24, 2009

This is first time I have seen major media mention tomb KV64 - there's an article in Le Figaro.  Most of the article is familiar territory - the tombs in the Valley of the kings are at risk, and Dr Hawass has cleared 155m in the tunnel of Seti I (KV17).

The paragrpah about KV64 doesn't say very much at all:

Zahi Hawass, who should leave his post next year, caught by the age limit, had far different priorities. Nearly a century after Howard Carter, he dreams  todiscover tKV64, the sixty-fourth tomb which he hopes is intact, like that of Tutankhamun. "It doesn't matter what will be inside. But we never found the tomb of Thutmose II, nor that of Ramesses VIII, "he said with a smile full of promise. Tons of rubble have been cleared. There's been no success yet. "But we have uncovered houses of artisans and thousands of objects," says he, proudly turning the pages of his mission report.

It's hardly either revealing or promsing, but the indication is there again that Dr Hawass fully intends to locate and reveal KV64 before he is forced to step down.  (Personally I still think at least on tomb has been found and opened and that there is at least one other location that those excavating believe to be a royal tomb.)


tim said...

Hi Kate

Interesting paragraph knowing Dr. Hawass will be leaving soon. The two missing kings may have preferred Sakkara especially Ramses VIII who may have already a dignified tomb there and/or because of his short reign the tomb of Ramses VIII barely started in the valley of kings may just as easily been taken over by any of the following Ramses as Ramses VI took over the tomb of Ramses V. Ramses VIII's tomb is probably already before our eyes in full view!

Geoff Carter said...

Has he finished looking under the Rest House yet?

Kate Phizackerley said...

I find it hard to get too excited by the thought of the tomb of Ramses VIII. It would be a royal tomb and clearly important, but as you say it probably was a very minor affair.


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