Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, August 28, 2009

I've just read the Heritage Key article on Zahi's lecture in Indianapolis on 7th August.  I wish I had read this sooner.

Dr. Hawass also spoke extensively on the exciting work taking place in the Valley of the Kings.  For centuries, archaeology has been the province of nearly every nation except Egypt.  In 2007, Zahi Hawass set out to change this with the first all-Egyptian team to work the Valley of the Kings.  It seems that he is prepared to make history yet again, as his team hopes to reveal a new tomb in October of 2009.  He did not give details, but provided plenty of fuel for speculation.  Three notable women come to the forefront.

 Refer to the article for speculation about who was buied in tomb KV64.  This seems to be a very substantial indication that a tomb has been found.  (Personally my betting is still on 3 or more tombs but we may have to wait a few years to find out.).  There is also mention that he hopes to "reveal the tomb of Nefertiti during winter 2009/2010".  It's ambiguous whether this is a separate tomb or a suggestion that the October announement will be of Nefertiti's tomb.  My guess is that KV64 won't be Nefertiti but will be some other royal woman.  If Nefertiti's tomb is found, it's probably beneath the rest house.  (For the record I'm also predicting at least one pharaoh's tomb as well over the next couple of years.)  I don't believe a tomb would be announced until it had been thoroughly searched so I don't believe the timeline works for Nefertiti to be announced in October - if her tomb has been found.


Ann said...

On the other hand, if Dr Zahi really is going to retire, there's not much time left to make those announcements? (And I don't think he wants anybody else announcing the Nefertiti tomb?)

Anonymous said...

Intruiging stuff, Kate!

Dr Hawass has previously shot the bolt far too prematurely with some of his announcements. Is this a similar scenario or has he really struck archaeological paydirt this time around?

Time will tell - I have everything crossed! :-)


The Green Man

Anonymous said...

Just read the article Kate and it is very exciting but still i get the feeling that i have been thru this all before. I went to Hawasse's talk last year at the O2 and there was all this kind of talk and speculation but no great announcement, just little crumbs. Never the less this does sound more promising There is speculation thaat KV 64may be the tomb of a royal woman and the suspects are Queen Tiye, Weret (previously unknown queen - ostraca found) and of course Nefertiti. I ould also add Kiya to the mix.DaveH

Dennis said...

Greetings, Kate
I seem to remember that there was an EEF post this week or last to the effect that Zahi stated he found nothing after removing tons of material. As long as we can dream I am hoping for at least one probable site for a KV-64 with the potential for more. I would love to get my hands on the raw data from the investigators.
Can you find out if the guard or SCA room that was next to the rest house has been moved. Also see if the rumored bridge across that 'central area' has started. Luxor Jane may be able to help get data. If these rumored modifications have been started we should have a better ideal of what is to come.

rymerster said...

Kate, I left a comment a while ago saying I read the novel "Sphinx" by Robin Cook as a kid and it featured as the climax a hidden tomb under the Resthouse. Well, I tracked down a copy on eBay and, well, I was right with the plot point I remembered, but it is a pretty awful novel and very much of its time (1979). I would recommend it if you fancy a spot of fantastic nostalgia. Curiously, one of the characters has some similarity to Zahi, even down to studying in the US.

Aside from that, I suspect Zahi is putting together a multimedia package with partner organisations for any discoveries, and it takes time to sort these things out. Some information may leak if he has to tell partners what he has found. We'll all benefit in the fullness of time - it's just frustrating right now that all we have are hints at something new. What Zahi has done is changed my view of what the Valley may have been like, with mention of managed water courses and a sacred tree. I used to imagine it as it is now, but it must have been a pretty busy, well cared for place in its time.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the film Sphynx though i have heard its a trashy load of rubbish. Does not appear to be available commercially. Also Ohmn Sety predicted that Nefertiti's tomb was very close to Tutankhamuns where no one would think to look. The rest house is very close to KV 63, could she be right after all.

rymerster said...

I would like to see the movie version of "Sphinx" too, I did see it on TV a long time ago and recall some filming was done in the Valley. Some VHS copies do turn up on eBay.

I do think Cook was into Egyptology as descriptions of cartouches are accurate, as are the locations of sites and the description of where the resthouse is etc. Just read an online interview where he says he spent extensive time in Egypt while writing "Sphinx" and I think it shows.

I'm trying to track him down online - would love to know what he thinks about the dig beneath the resthouse.

Anonymous said...

OOps meant KV 62 though KV 63 is even closer. Perhaps the book might be a better bet than the movie as the film has Leslie Anne Down in it! Let us know if you manage to track a Cook quote down about the excavations under the rest house.

rymerster said...

I have tracked Dr. Cook down, pretty easy, through an assistant who is going to ask him a question on my behalf tomorrow (has he read about Dr. Hawass' work in the VOK, specifically the locations mentioned in "Sphinx") - will forward on any reply if interesting to Kate; if nothing too interesting transpires will just post here.

Keith Payne / Shemsu Sesen said...

Hi Kate,

Just weighing in with my own suspiscions (I am the guy who did the interview for Heritage Key), I think you are probably right that the announcement to be made in October is with regard to KV64. But there is a part of me that thinks it COULD be Nefertiti.

As Ann mentioned, Dr. ZH is retiring this year, and I really think he wants to make this the year of Nefertiti. I am working on a story over on my own website (just click my name) about the "Year of Nefertiti" but the basic argument follows.

I: He has already said he plans to reveal the location of Nefertiti's tomb this winter.

II: In the next few weeks we are all going to be hearing that he has received peer confirmation of the two DNA tests linking one of the fetuses in Tut's tomb to Tut. That will allow him to genetically identify the mother, Tut's wife, who is Nefertiti's daughter, thus leading to Nefertiti's own mummy.

III: Recent interest in (and subsequent loss of) the mummy of Mutnodjmet is related to DNA identification which could reveal that she is Nefertiti's sister.

IV: Dr. ZH is pushing full court to get the bust of Nefertiti back from the Germans this year.

(BTW I blog about the bust of Nefertiti and the missing mummy mutnodjmet at Heritage Key as well!)

So if I were a stockbroker and Nefertiti was stock, I would be saying buy buy BUY! Expect to see many headlines in future months regarding the lovely queen.

So while the smart money says the "October Suprise" will be KV64, part of me thinks that ZH might dragging the same tomb out into two events. Announce the tomb in October and build anticipation, identify it as Nefertiti in the Winter.

But far wiser sages than I have attempted to divine the mind of Dr. Hawass, and failed. Whatever the outcome, its going to be an exciting fall/winter.

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