Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, August 28, 2009

It's easy to believe that the story of the Exodus is Jewish and Christian history and forget that it is also part of the Muslim heritage too.  With that in mind, I thought I'd present this video which suggests Ramses the Great was the Pharaoh of the Exodus but instead or drawing on quotations from the Bible or Torah, it draws upon the Quran - of course the three great religions share a common ancestry which is sometimes overlooked.

If you view the video over at YouTube there is quite a lot of text to read as well.  For anybody purely interested in the history the video will offer little new, but for those who are interested in Exodus it might interest you.  The video claims that the mummy had a very high salt content which indicated death by drowning,  If anybody knows published scientific material to back this (otherwise unsubstantiated) claim, I'd be very interested.

(PS can we please be temperate with comments on this.  I know the question of the Bible, Quaran and Torah as historical record is a controversial one.  (I happen to believe they do record real historical events). As always I invite debate, but I will censor any comments which in my opinion cross the boundary between debate and an attack on religion.)


tim said...

Hi Kate

What a blessing of riches has been given to such humble people that not one but three faiths can join as one within it's own blessed trinity.

Islam will never be our enemy it will be those who hijack our vulnerabilities and not the believer who lead us astray.

Unfortunate are the statements which claim Ramses II was found in 1898 and near the Red sea both these statements are untrue.

Further the statement of salt content of the remains is a red herring as natron salt was part of the mummification process of the era and besides many more have argued the mummy of Ramses son Merenptah is the pharaoh of the exodus for the exact same reason.

It is a clever video with a beautiful message but the message has nothing to do with the mummies presence but in the desire of common peoples to feel love.

Scrabcake said...

I will not argue about whether the bible records historical events accurately or not. You probably know more about it than I do.
To my knowledge, Holy books, and I will use the Bible for reference since it's what I'm familiar with manage to get some details of history correct--the names of kings, generalities of events, corruptions of place names. I think that many of the events and main characters in the bible may have a kernel of truth in them, but have developed along the lines of tall-tales and legends--if viewed without faith, it has to be! The books were written hundreds of years after many of the events within took place, and in an era where handcopied documents (by a literate few) and word of mouth were the only ways of keeping records.
As a historical record, it's yet to be proven reliable.
Where I think that holy books ARE valuable as historical records is in that they illustrate the way of thinking and the values of an ancient culture that only a rare few documents from other cultures provide.
It's hard to get a clear picture of how ordinary Egyptians viewed their own history and the mores that their society held from their funerary documents and propaganda, but the Ancient Hebrews' views of right and wrong have been given to us. Their popular heroes and not just their kings have been preserved in text.
This is as close as we can get to an ancient peoples' view of themselves in their own voices, and what they thought of their neighbors.

rymerster said...

I believe that the Exodus took place during the Second Intermediate Period, rather than during Dynasty 19. Of course I can't prove that, but I believe the evidence is more solid than placing the Exodus during Dynasty 19.

Wasn't it Pharoah's army that drowned, rather then Pharoah himself, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Loved it Kate a beautiful little film. The inconsistencies referred to by Tim are pretty glaring i wonder when it was made and why they did not make it more accurately in line with historical fact. Daveh

Kate Phizackerley said...

Oh yes, I spotted the inconsiastencies immediately, but I still wanted to post it up as it represents a viewpoint that otherwise might not get mentioned here. And it is beautifully made.


Shamyl Riaz Malik said...

Awesome post Kate. Thanks a million for sharing this video. Also thanks for being considerate about our (Jews, Christians and Muslims) common heritage. It is my belief that Ramses II indeed is the Pharaoh that is mentioned in the Bible and Glorious Quran.

Anonymous said...

If ramses2 was the one you are talking about , then who is this ?

Kate Phizackerley said...

Sorry I'm not sure what your point is?

Ron Lankshear said...

Very interesting Kate. I assume that poster is asking to confirm if Ramses 2 "the Great" is meant as perhaps like me the poster is incredulous that "the Great" is the Exodus Pharaoh.

I understand that R2 is the candidate based purely on chronology. Egyptian vs Biblical.

I don't know of any other evidence. If the chronology is wrong then nothing points to R2.
And I think the chronology has difficulties.

Here is another Islamic site
Who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?

This mentions Merneptah was thought likely re salt in the body and mentions the natron as reason for salt.

But further discusses Islamic thoughts on the reign of Moses Pharaoh and if there were one or two pharaoh- and that the trend is to One and a long reign which fits R2.

But again its the Chronology driving the choice.

Stress is made on Quran sura re Pharaoh body being preserved - but that really could mean any pharaoh.

Anonymous said...

Till 1898 no one Know were is ramses2 , but holy quran announced the preservation of ramses 1400 yers ago.Quran contains many scintific and historical miracles, Embriology of quran is amazing , can you imagine quran tells about three layers of woomb .In chapter "room" Quran predicted the victory of Rom against Persia plese look at history what happend

Anonymous said...

Those who said this is untrue, dont worry soon u will be in hell

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