Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dr Hawass has posted a video about Tomb KV64:

I'm only on the mobile phone this weekend so I can't watch (and can only post here by email) but I believe this is a transcript). Can someone who watches please say more in a comment. It sounds like a positioning piece laying the ground for either a full announcement or a TV documentary on a fruitless search. It's talking about the two tomb entrances revealed in November 2008, and doesn't mention (in the transcript) any entrance which may have been found during the massive winter 2008/9 excavations, the radar survey or subsequently beneath the rest house. I still think the best prediction is for 3-4 tombs to be announced over the next few years, at least one of which I believe is that of pharaoh. Watch the video on Dr Hawass's site, or if like me you are stuck on a blackberry or mobile, here's that transcript (glad now I couldn't sleep!):

"The Valley of the Kings has only revealed one new discovery since the tomb of King Tut – 84 years later, Otto Schaden found KV63 in front of the young pharaoh's tomb. Our excavation, however, is proving to be not only the first Egyptian expedition ever to work in the valley, but also one of the most scientifically important. When we started our excavation, we could feel from the beginning that the area was promising.

"We discovered a cut in the mountain, followed by stairs ending in a hole in the ground. It looks like the entrance to a tomb, and it is exactly similar to the entrance of KV63. We recorded many inscriptions nearby, some of which were already known and others of which were found for the first time. One tells us that a man named Userhat built a tomb for his father, the vizier Amennakht. Our work among the cliffs was very interesting. We found huge blocks, and it took us a long time to move them. After that, we found a manmade wall, below which was a shaft with stairs going down. This seems to be the entrance to yet another tomb. We also found many workmen's huts – we know that the workmen used to live in the valley while they were cutting and decorating the tombs of the pharaohs. In one area, we found a round limestone base, with a hole in the middle where food and drink for the workmen would have been placed.

"Remember that even if we do not find that one of these two entrances leads to the tomb of Ramesses VIII, we know that many great royals, including Thutmose II and Nefertiti, along with the queens of Dynasty 18, were buried in the valley, but their tombs are also still unknown."


Anonymous said...

Cant seem to get the video to play right but from the snatches that i have seen it does look very promising, a major announcement seems imminent! Cant wait for Part 2. DaveH


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