Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, September 13, 2009

"KV62 is going to the discovered. KV64 is going to be discovered by an Egyptian team."

That's how Dr Hawass closes the video. If anybody is having trouble watching it, then try this. It ran through fine for me.

The transcipt I offered in the previous post is inaccurate but seems instead to summarise what Dr Hawass is now saying on his blog. Having watched, it's not that positive. The video's credits date it to June 2009. It's a shame it's taken 3 months to be released. It describes itself as Part 1 - wonder when we will get Part 2? It's still worth watching though for what it reveals about the recent excavations in the Valley of the Kings.


ladyneferankh said...

I do wish Parts 2 or 3 were available! But a very interesting video nonetheless, it's quite interesting to see how the excavations are proceeding despite the tourists! Thank you for this.

Anonymous said... I'm confused. :-/

Can we experct an announcement at some stage then, or is this simply more hot air from Dr Hawass?


The Green Man

Pritam Pyare said...

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