Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, September 11, 2009

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Having read the responses to my earlier post, my decision is to opt for separate blogs for periods as indicated below. Any "regulars" can have either a Blogger author status or knowledge of the direct post email address for their periods of interest as preferred.  (I hope we can manage that without spam - we can but try and see).  Everybody else can email me/the blog owner and I'll create a post from that email as soon as I can.  That should hopefully avoid the need for a forum as subjects can be started easily.

For the blogs, I agree with one remark that the entries should be proper articles, albeit ones which can spark debate.  To respond to those who want a forum, I am proposing a Q&A blog where short questions and small thoughts will be allowed.  If it becomes popular, we can then spin it off as a forum later, but let’s start like this and see how we get on.

It won't all happen overnight.  I'll set up one of the new blogs first (Old Kingdom probably) so people can look at the new template and I can refine how it works.  I can then add the other subjects over the next few weeks.

Brand / Address

I intend to brand the blogs under the heading "Ancient Egypt 4All" and have registered    (For SEO purposes, I should have gone for but that's just too long.)  I prefer something I can type in easily - and I opted for the UK version because it's £7 a year cheaper.   I'll sub-domain for each period so for instance to keep it short and memorable.


In the absence of willing volunteers, I am very happy to act as host for all of the new blogs.  But equally if anybody wishes to volunteer to be blogmaster for one of them they are welcome.  I’ll supply the template when it’s written, but you would need to do some Blogger configuration – it’s fairly simple stuff as many here can testify.  I’m intending to take a leaf out of Jane Akshar’s book so the new template will have a space for adverts at the top.  I think Jane indicates she has received $100 in 6 months.  I can’t promise it will be that much, but it may be a nice little bonus for somebody.  So if anybody is interested in knowing more please contact me to discuss it.  The following are available.

1)    Old Kingdom etc– Kate
2)    Middle Kingdom - ???
3)    New Kingdom – Kate
3a)  Valley of the Kings - Kate
4)    Late Period - ???
5)    Q&A - ???
6)    Alternative Egyptology? - ???
7)    Travel? – ??? 
8)    Site News - Kate

Note, if somebody volunteers but it doesn’t work out for them, it will be possible to migrate the blog back to me, or on to somebody else.

Alternative Egyptology & Travel

Alternative Egyptology is the area where I am still undecided and will listen to views. I’m just a bit concerned that the Old Kingdom blog could attract quite a lot of articles which aren’t mainstream.  That is not something some readers would wish to see on that blog.  My gut instinct is that rather than fight an ongoing moderation battle, it’s better to embrace it – but in a separate section so that those who aren’t interested in the alternative stuff can totally ignore it.  Personally I’ve been watching the Andrew Collins emails about the Giza cave system with interest.  I wish I’d watched the video before he removed it as I’ve not made my own mind up yet.  Similarly, I'm presently unsure whether to add section for travelogues etc.

I'm not likely to write personally for either of these sections so unless somebody volunteers, they probably won't happen.

Site News

I dislike having long posts like this on the main blog, and with multiple blogs there could need to be more, so I'm going to take the opportunity of the structure to set up a separate blog just for site news.  I'll make that an early priority.


Anonymous said...

I would love to have a go at the Middle Kingdom mainly because everyone ignores it by concentrating either on the old kingdom pyramids or the NK valley of the kings. Wot would it involve Kate Daveh

Kate Phizackerley said...

Dave - that would be great!

In answer to your question ... as little as possible. I'm going to end up supervising two of more of them, so I'm not going to go for something which is hugely burdensome.

There will be an hour's work to set up a new blog. I'll do the template work but there are somethings the blog owner has to do himself/herself. Ongoing, there will be some admin work cutting and pasting articles submitted by email to be posts, and then adding some people as authors so they can post themselves. Nothing that will take long. I'll spend time doing full instructions and documentation. I'm hoping when people see it, they may opt in to manage Alternative Egyptology and Travel - or even ask for some of the other periods to be slit out as specialist blogs (eg pre-Dynastic) for them to manage.

To get things started in the early days you may need to draft a few posts just to keep things moving until people start contributing but hopefully others should soon start coming forwards with material.

As to anything else - well it's down to you. It would be your blog so if you decided to do more, of course you can. I'll keep you informed of progress on setting up the Old Kingdom one (anybody who wants a sneak preview, check in a week or so) so you can take a look. That should help make it clearer and easier to you to decide if it's something you wish to support, but I hope you do!

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