Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, September 07, 2009

Not strictly Valley of the Kings or Luxor, but since she has been in the news, I popped in to the British Museum last week to photograph Queen Mutnodjmet's canopic jar - I'd looked online but couldn't find a good photo.  There are four jars in the case and the labeling is imprecise but I believe this is the correct jar.  If I've made a blooper, I'm sure somebody will correct me.

(If anybody needs it, the original image is 3000x2000 so it would blow up reasonably well.)

In response to Tim ...

Based on your comment, then it's probably this one.  But the label is out of synch then with the exhibits.  I didn't take a decent picture of that one.  I want to go back with a faster lens for some of the sculpture (so I can blur out the background) so I can take a better one if that's the one.  Thanks for your help!



tim said...

Hi Kate

Great picture but I thought the use of the heads of the four sons of Horus as canopic stoppers was a Ramaside and later tradition. I would expect Queen Mutnodjmet's canopic jars to have stoppers bearing the queens image?

Anonymous said...

Great shot, Kate!

You didn't happen to see her mummy lurking anywhere nearby, did you?

Keith Payne / Shemsu Sesen said...

Sorry, didn't mean to leave that last comment as anonymous.

I need all the infamy I can get!

tim said...

Hi Kate

This calcite jar looks much more like a royal canopic jar of the 18th dynasty. However if the other jar with the anubis cover is the jar for Queen Mutnodgmet I would suggest that the Mutnodgmet is in reference to a queen of the 21rst dynasty as Mutnodgmet was quite a common name.

Kate Phizackerley said...

One of the four jars is definitely the 19th Dynasty Queen of Mutnodjmet, wife of Horemheb. The label is explict on that point ... but then the label on a huge granite head in the central area is explicit that it's a replica because the original is on load to a museum in the States until 2004. The more I've started looking at labels in the British Museum the more I realise that apart from the signature objects, they just aren't great.

Anonymous said...

That second image you posted up is indeed the correct jar as I saw it at the museum when it was in storage. It has only gone on display in recent years. Kind regards, Jon

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