Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is the second (of two) Heritage Key Valley of the Kings video courtesy of YouTube.  The editing at the end is a bit off, but it's much more interesting than the first.  It says nothing about KV64 but Dr Hawass concentrates on some of the inscriptions found.  Some we've seen before on this blog, but the sketch map of a tomb is new.  There is also a really clear shot and explanation of the famous new queen inscription, called Queen Tiy and identified as the Great God's Wife.  There's an interesting accompanying article on Dr Hawass's site, in which he says of Queen Tiy,  "We hope to find more evidence of this queen through our work here."  I know there has been some speculation that KV64 is her tomb, but I think this video just about discounts that possibility.


Anonymous said...

kate can u check to see whether the sketch plan on the ostraca matches any known tomb. Dave

Kate Phizackerley said...

Dave it looks like a straightforward single chamber tomb. My first thought when you asked was that there would be several matches. So far I've not found one which is a good match. Kate

Chris Smith said...

Kate, it looks to me more like the grid for a board game than the plan of a tomb. It has a striking resemblence to a small board game from KV62 (pictured here). This has the same arrangement of a single row of squares leading to (or from) a block of three by four squares. Chris Smith

Kate Phizackerley said...

Chris, you wouldn't be suggesting a more mundane explanation than Zahi would you? :)
I'll take a look. Kate

Dennis said...

Somewhere I saw an EMail claiming that the 'Great God's Wife' 'Tiy' ostraca did not actually say "Tiy" or the other name previously stated. I can not read it myself but perhaps someone else can comment on what they saw????

Kate Phizackerley said...

Somebody kindly sent me a translation of that part and it does say Ti. The glyph for the "ye" is missing as the ostracon is broken at that part so it could be a different queen, or it could be Queen Tiye - or even a different Queen Tiye.
(I was asked not to publish the translation to I can't share it.)

rymerster said...

The possibility is then, that we are talking about a tomb for Tiye, either the widow of Amenhotep III or Ay's queen (whose name is spelt the same isn't it?). It interests me that she is described as the wife of the "good god" which if I am right means that her husband is deceased.

Kate Phizackerley said...

I'd not picked up that it was suggesting a widow. Whether it points to a tomb I'm less convinced, but I must admit I'd love an intact tomb of an 18th Dynasty Queen as we have no idea how lavish they were. We could also get more purfumes and things like that which are good pointers to trade links.

styler78 said...

Dr Hawass's comment on the Hatshepsut/ Tutmose III cartouche seems quite bold - stating that it shows Hatshepsut's momument destruction probably came later than first thought. Can this really be stated on the basis of this single find?

Also could the tomb shown on the ostraca be another cache (embalmers or other)?? Thank You.

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