Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, October 29, 2009

I think this is updated rather than new, and it's not really news, but it's still a nice little article.

The highlight is Bob's identification of the Mummy of "Unknown Man E" found in the Valley of the Kings was Prince Pentaweret. The story shows the privilege and latitude afforded royal males - even though Prince Pentaweret led an unsuccesful coup and poisoned the King (Ramss III), he was still granted mummification and a royal burial.

Edit: This is the link. Worth visting as there are photos. I'll delete the other link which didn't have photos. Sorry I missed it last night.


tim said...

Hi Kate

Is there a link?


styler78 said...

Bob Briar is a remarkable man. What he has taught me through his lectures has really been the basis for many of my own studies.

I do not however hang on his every word, but as i mentioned before has given me so many starting points for study.

His wife seems to be very down to earth and very interesting. Thanks for posting this Tim

Scrabcake said...

This is interesting and I'd like to hear some arguments on why this is pentaweret instead of a royal who died abroad. I would like to see some evidence other than sheepskin and the mans clenched abdominal muscles and facial expression, both of which could have been very easily caused naturally. In fact, most scholarship I have read On the circumstantial evidence for this man's identity leans toward the oddity of the burial resulting from foreign custom and lack of supplies rather than intentional shaming. We have Rameses III from the deir el bahri cache. Let's see some dna comparisons and craniomorphological data.

tim said...

Hi Kate

I have always believed the choice of identity of Penteweret was based solely on most glamorous suggestion and based on false evidence. Unknown man "E" if he is a disgraced courtier would have been one of many during the 500 years of the new kingdom.

As for an Egyptian ambassador dying away from Egypt it is a much better possibility from my way of thinking.

An Ambassador dying abroad may well warrant a burial in the valley of kings regardless how he was preserved.

Ultimately being found with kings buried originally in the valley may support this.

Anonymous said...

I'm crawling around on blogs about Bob Brier, fascinated by his work, and more fascinated by the public's fascination with him, so to speak. Just look at this discussion - most of us probably don't know 1/100th of what he does and yet we all want to weigh in... It looks like he does tours of Egypt. I can't afford one this year, but if you take one, you should write a review here!! I'd be so curious to see what you think!

Anonymous said...

Bob Brier has a website now:

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