Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, October 30, 2009

Niels has very kindly posted an update as a comment, which I'm re-posting so nobody misses it.

Just been in the valley last week. No serious excavations seems to happen. A workforce was working on the right side of the valley leading to the tomb of Tutmosis 3 - just before KV42. Then they still had some minor work things going on beside the KV7 - but not up to KV8. Nothing large scale. Nothing seems to happen around the central resthouse at the moment."

Thank you so much Niels.

* * *

If anybody visits the Valley of the Kings, please do as Niels has done and send in an eyewitness account. As photos are banned, it's the only way of keeping track of any unfolding developments. (I notice October has come and nearly gone and there's been no official update about KV64, DNA testing or the robot exploration of the Great Pyramid.)


stephanie said...

just a quick comment on Kate`s last remark. It is truely disappointing how Zahi Hawass "forgets" to keep the time
schedules he himself sets in interviews, lectures etc. for his various activities. Or when he states on his own website under the tag "Chair of egyptology at AUC" that he has identified the mummy of Hatshepsut and the family of King Tut one wishes he would share the knowledge he claims to have with the rest of the world. He puts the remaining credibility of his announcements at stake.

s. stockwell said...

It may be that other issues have taken precedence? Just saw that Dr Zahi will be Deputy Minister of Culture? Busy, busy guy.

Dennis said...

Does anyone know how the appointment of Dr Hawass was phrased. Does he keep his current duties as head of SCA or will Salima Ikram (just to name someone) move to Hawass' old position.

Kate Phizackerley said...

I could be wrong but I believe he will still retire as Head of the SCA next May as that position is governed by the retirement laws. However, I guess that he will now be in a position to choose his own successor and will pick somebody from the SCA (he's said strongly that's what he wants) and somebody who'll work in partnership with him.


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