Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, October 06, 2009

With massive thanks to the eagle eyes of David Krueger, Otto Schaden has posted an update and a request for donations to help meet the cost of the 2010 season.

A mud seal bearing the impression of a cartouche of Menkheperre (Thutmosis III) was found in Pot 3 in March of 2006. *A photo of the seal can be found under the 'Photos ~ 2009' tab. [Kate - To find it you have to expand and view the descriptions - to save time it's this photo]
Dr Schaden  theorises that the seal could be:
       It could have been [Men]kheper-Re  (Thutmosis III) 

       or, [Men]khepr[u-]re   (Thutmosis. IV)

       or, [Neb]kheper-Re  (Tut)

       or, Kheper-[khepru]re  (Ay)
I'll let you read for yourself which Dr Shcaden believes is most likely.  There's much more new material on the site including 30 new photos.  For instance there is a beautiful blue bowl.  I've been very impressed with the communications from the KV-63 team.  I wish they would put the official reports on the site rather than publishing them only on academic journals but it's still a very good standard of communication.

There's also a link for Susan Osgood's site. She is an arist who has been working to record some of the artefects.


neo said...

its tuts name no question

styler78 said...

I was hoping the apparent appearance of the "h" sign to the left of the Cartouche may help. My idea was to see if any of the pharoahs has something like "Beloved of Ptah" in their Nomen/ Praenomen- but alas nothing. Other KV63 evidence "points" to Tutankhamun, but we need the full cartouche or more info to be 100%...Thanks.


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