Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, November 02, 2009

... on your appointment as Vice Minister of Culture.


Anonymous said...

This may be indicative that nothing of significence has been found or is likely to be found in the valley of the kings as otherwise following his retirement next year Hawass would have fixed it that he would head up the team opening up a new tomb! DaveH

Kate Phizackerley said...

Anon, I'm convinced the next 5 years will see major tombs announced but even if they are delayed, I'd have expected news from Giza. We know the robot has been exploring the shafts and the limestone porctulises found at the ends of them. By now I'd guess Hawass knows whether there is chamber beyond or not. In that case, even news that there isn't a chamber is still quite big news - although not as big as finding a new chamber would be.

In the case of the Great Pyramid any discovery would be secure as getting a robot up the shafts is not something would could do unseen so there would be no security implications of annoucing.

My guess is that either way it's held up while media rights are sold.My guess is that we will continue to see Dr Hawass opening new tombs for several years to come rather than the new Head of the SCA.

Anonymous said...

I understand what u r saying Kate its just that it would be a bit weird Hawass spending all this time in VOK opening tombs and writing books about the new discoveries when his appointment to the political arena as deputy cultural minister means he will be a politician. It does not seem to fit! Dave H

Martha Clodfelter said...

The antipathy toward Hawass in Egypt may be difficult to grasp in the West, where he is typically found on American television, fearlessly tracking down desert tombs, unearthing mummies and bringing new life to Egypt’s dusty top essay writing sites past. But in Egypt he was a target of anger among young protesters who helped depose President Hosni Mubarak in February.


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