Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, November 30, 2009

Here is a photo taken in the past couple of days of the Valley of the Kings.  For now, until I've taken instruction on the issue, I'll not attribute, but you know who you are and thank you.  Let me know later if you wish to be credited.  If anybody else has photos, they are always very welcome.

Click on the image for a high resolution version.

I've quickly scanned the high-res but the eagle-eyed may spot anything I have missed.  For me the most noteworthy point is that the pathway to KV8 has not been restored.  Presumably the side valley is going to be left as it is showing the managed water course, but that would place KV8 permanently off limits - increasing the pressure on other tombs.  Personally I think it a shame that the cave was covered back over - I'd have preferred the valley bottom restored to its level in antiquity.

(I do have a zoomed in view as well but I have chosen not to upload it for now.  If anybody spots something on this one, I can check on the other.)


Vincent said...


Shouldn't the heading be November 2009?

Kate Phizackerley said...

Thanks Vincent. Trouble of doing it in a hurry.

tim said...

Hi Kate

I agree the cave should have been left open though I wonder what the level of the valley floor in antiquity was?

Dennis said...

The only thing that seems odd to me are the 2 black sacks and blocks(?) stacked against the side of the guest house wall. There was some digging there last season and I think I remember a 'dark' area at that point. Above and behind KV-8 there are the paths leading to that pile of chips and rubble from last season.

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