Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, November 16, 2009

New Excavations
As Deir-el-Medina is outside the Valley of the Kings it's also outside the photo ban I think.  Here is a photo from Paul Beckers showing new excavations (9th November 2009) on the path between Deir-el-Medina and the Valley of the Kings itself.  Hopefully Paul might stop by himself and add anything else he knows about these new excavations (which at present look to be small scale).

As usual check out the full size original on Paul's Flickr. Paul got some really nice other photos, including the Tomb of Pabasa (TT279). As usual if you are interested in the Tomb of Pabasa the best site is Su Bayfield's Egyptian Monuments.


Onno said...

This is not at Der el-Medineh, but at the so called half way village between Der el-Medineh and the Valley of the Kings. As far as I know a Finnish expedtion is conducting a full investigation here.

Kate Phizackerley said...

Yes, this is the halfway village. Is it the same location that the University of Helsinki was investigating last year - it doesn't look the same but that could be down to camera angle?

Lenka Peacock said...

I am trying to compare the hills, cliffs and the layout of the huts, but it seems rather difficult to establish why the site looks a bit different. I think that this is a photo of the 2 northern clusters of the stone huts at the top of the cliffs on the path between Deir el-Medina and the KV, but perhaps the fact that debris are scattered on the slope of the hill, it comes across as looking different.


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