Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Just as a flavour this is the video from the middle of the Tutankhamun episode.  (I can't embed it.)  It starts with our friend Zahi Hawass speaking about Tutankhamun and Ay before the team head off to the Valley of the Kings.  Most of the series is on YouTube but it's an inconvenient way to watch so for the price a secondhand DVD is a better bet if you can find a cheap copy.  (You can probably sell it back when you have watched it as well.)  

YouTube also seems to be missing what I thought were the two best episodes - the Tomb Builders and Akhenaten / Nefertiti.  The Tomb Builders sounds boring but is based in Deir-el-Medina and the Valley of the Kings and has the good footage inside KV17.  The Akhenaten and Nefertiti episode was the most convincing, as well as having good footage from Amarna which doesn't make the TV as often as the Valley of the Kings and Giza.  Anybody who has read about Kreed Kafer will be deeply sceptical of Derek Acorah's supposed channeling, but that doesn't mean that within it all there might not be some genuine mediumship.  When he was channeling Akhenaten his belly did seem to become distended for instance.

Hopefully we'll get some science to report one of these days.  At least the winter dig season is alsmost upon us!


tim said...

Hi Kate

It seems that they take away your right to take pictures in the valley of kings but the lunatics can still run free.

You would think that after 3300 years King Aye would have moved on or at least lost interest.

Also why is his sarcophagus saying murder when I imagine that would be the last thing the ghost of King Aye would want to discuss.



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