Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, November 02, 2009

For Halloween I watched the box set of Paranormal Egypt - £10 from my local secondhand DVD store. It features Tessa Dunlop with the medium Derek Acorah of Most Haunted fame. (Most Haunted is probably unfamiliar to American viewers but you have a lookalike which I think is called Ghosthunters - but which isn't as good. You get the picture though.)

I'll write up a review over the next few days and make it available but it wasn't too bad. Dr Hawass was featured several times of course but of all of Derek Acorah's stuff this is the least convincing I have watched. For instance he was ascending the ramp to Queen Hatchepsut's Temple at Deir-el-Bahri and was saying that his pyschic impression was of serenity. Odd that he didn't pick up the tourist massacre don't you think?

He regularly channelled spirits, including some of the great pharaohs - who all spoke ... English.

So the sceptic in me sees much to criticise but I'd still recommend it. Thanks to Hawass and Past Preservers they had "exclusive" and "special" access to many sites including several tombs in the Valley of the Kings. To be honest the video footage they shot inside the tomb of Seti probably makes the DVDs a bargain. I like the idea of pyschic investigations in some of the great sites, although it could have been better. As a piece of fun, and footage of some of the sites, it's still recommended though if like me you can find it cheap.


Bill Johnson said...

There is an American television program called Destination Truth. They were allowed night time access in Tut's tomb. It was interesting. If I remember correctly, one crew member got sick, there was a dust storm, and the main investigator heard noises as he sat alone inside the tomb. I think it was either episode 2 or 3 of the current season and can be easily found on torrent sites.


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