Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, November 03, 2009

El-Ahram Weekly has an article about the recent excavations in the Valley of the Kings. Mostly it is talking about the tunnel in Tomb KV17 (Seti I). It says the length is confirmed at 136m as Sheikh Ali Abdel-Rasoul had determined in 1961, suggesting the Dr Hawass's team hasn't in fact pushed the tunnel any futher than Rasoul.

The article also mentions the search for undiscovered tombs in the Valley of the Kings, saying:

The mission also worked in the area north and east of the tomb of Seti I, where they found traces of cutting in the bedrock underneath the modern rest house which may lead to a previously unknown tomb. Unfortunately, as Hawass pointed out, it would be necessary to remove the entire building in order to explore this area, so it will not be done in the immediate future.

A radar survey of the central valley was recently conducted that identified a number of areas of interest, and further analysis of the data may reveal features that warrant archaeological investigation.
The article ends by mentioning the installation of the replica tombs in the cliffside near the Valley of the Kings in what it says will be called "Replica Valley".

In short, there's nothing particularly new in the article but then it shows that even the local news media are like us and marking time while waiting for the trumpeted major announcments.



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