Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, November 21, 2009

People have been asking "What's happening in the Valley of the Kings" so I thought people would appreciate a chance to see for themselves.  It only covers the main valley, not the Western Valley of the Kings, and a few bits are obscured but you can see most of the Valley in the his photo by glenanpeanut taken on November 7, 2009.

Valley of the Kings - 7 November 2009

In order to see what is going on, you need to take a look at the hi-res image. Click on the photo and it will take you through to Flickr.

There are a few things going on. Down in the lower right (or upper left arm of the Valley of the Kings if you think in terms of the Vallet itself) there is work going on but it looks like flood defences for a tomb. There are some other planks in the same area, but nothing that looks like excavations. There is also someting down at the head of the Valley opposite KV5. There's a blue water tanker and something that I can't identify. Again, nothing that looks like excavations.

The biggest area of interest is the Rest House and there we can see that there is ... nothing at all going on!


Dennis said...

The big blue water truck feeds the toilette trailer next to it. The white building with 2 doors showing. The old method of figuring out when something will happen is to look at the schedules of those who would participate. Mid January????

Anonymous said...

What is significant about Mid January in terms of the Key peoples Schedules, Dennis DaveH

Dennis said...

Dave, I can't say exactly, only rumors. I was hoping that someone else was also be tuned into some of the people involved.

Anonymous said...

Its probably a good hunch as its the start of the new dig season im going out on Wed for a couple of weeks Dennis i will have a good sniff around and ask a few people, regards Dave

Tom W. said...

Can anyone identify the purpose of the machines on the near hillside in the bottom left corner of the photo? These look like computer monitors. Are they surveying equipment, or are they part of the photographer's kit?

Tom W said...

I think they might be floodlights that illuminate the cliffs at night. Does anyone concur?


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