Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, January 10, 2010

I've been saving this photo from David Hay for a quiet period - which we seem to have at present!.

Thanks again to David for his photos.  This one was taken in the Western Valley of the Kings in November and shows the date of the 2009 excavations there. Unlike the excavations in the main valley, the trenches were not back-filled which makes one wonder whether there is an intention for excavations to continue this winter. Sadly, as few people visit the Western Valley, reports are even harder to come by than reports from the main Valley of the Kings.

A reminder that even if photos are banned in the main Valley of the Kings, reports of any acitivity from any tourists who visist would be very welcome.


Dennis said...

OK, Being a slow start I will jump in: Does anyone have and real or witty interpretations of "END"

Anonymous said...

In this context i think End means thats it, no more, finito, cue fat lady!

Dennis said...

I agree with you. (sorry about typing 'and' in place of the intended 'any') But, why would 'whoever' have crossed out the date as well as adding 'END'? Perhaps the stone was moved to mark (In English on an Egyptian only dig) the boundaries of the digging. It just seemed strange.


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