Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Robert Pick took this photo on 19th January, 2010 while walking in the Theban Hills near the Valley of the Kings.  It clearly shows an excvation underway.  I'm not certain where exactly it was taken.  Robert's full set of photos is here.  If somebody thinks they can piece together where the excavations are based on the photo and the ones taken before and afterwards, then I'm sure that would interest readers.    Since cameras aren't allowed in the Valley of the Kings and guards are stopping people from taking photos, I am assuming this wasn't taken from withinthe Valley, although it could be a view looking back into the Valley of the Kings from the Theban Hills which I understand is still allowed.

I have emailed Robert as well to ask but leaving him comments on the photo in Flickr might encourage him as well, please!   There is a photo taken in the hills which is definitely looking down into the Valley of the Kings and I can't spot anything on that and there has been no other report or photo of excavations in the Valley of the Kings this year - although we all expected them.   I have just trogged through a Google search and nobody has mentioned anything so far as I can tell.


RP said...

Actually it was within the Valley. I arrived by walking over the hills and was unaware of a ban on photography. It was taken from the trail for the tombs, I believe on the right hand side of the fork leading to Tuthmosis 3. Further on the other side were archaeologists from the University of Basel.
I recommend the walk in the hills, particularly early in the day.

Dennis said...

Was your photo taken of the south side of the trail to KV-34, from somewhere between KV-34 and -97 or near KV-40? :
I can see the shadows from what appears to be a late morning sun indicating you were walking above a cliff edge looking down with the diggers against another cliff.

AR said...

I was visiting on Friday the 22th and saw them as described by RP and Dennis. This picture was on the other side to KV40, but the archaologists were digging close to KV40 and KV59 as well. There were also people emerging from KV31. An english speaking guide told us, that they found a good preserved sacrophagus in KV31. As we were leaving Kings Valley, Hawass appeared. I suppose they were opening the sacrophagus.

Dennis said...

I still can not figure out how my finger was headed for a '3' as in KV-37 and ended up hitting a '9'. Obviously we are at KV-63 and hoping. Not up to KV-97 quite yet.
Fumble Fingers

Anonymous said...

The photo looks to be KV31 and yes, rumors from the valley say a
sarcophagus has been found inside.
The lovely 18th dynasty quartz-sandstone anthropoid sarcophagus found by Belzoni for Lord Belmore now in the BM is suspected to come from here. This may prove that wrong, unless a coffin has really been found.

Scrabcake said...

Does anyone have a flickr pic of this sarcophagus so I know which one you're talking about? I haven't been to the British Museum.

Kate Phizackerley said...

I'm busy this week on the magazine (which is why I have been quiet here) but next week I can pop into the BM for some photos. That's if I can find the sarcophagus - the labels aren't that great but for something large I'm hopeful.


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