Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jane Akshar has been busy on her blog and reported a number of news items:

TT96 - Sennefer - "Tomb of the Vines"

This is a famous tomb and Thierry BENDERITTER & Jon HIRST have built a nice micro-site about TT96.  In fact it's fantastic and I've put it aside to read next week when I have more time.

TT29 - The Lost Tomb of Amenhotep

TT29 is located close to TT96 and is currently being re-excavated.  Jane has posted lengthy notes of a lecture in Luxor by Dr Laurent Bavay.

Valley of the Kings' Tombs

Jane reports that Tomb KV34 (Tuthmosis III) is open but Tomb KV2 (Ramases IV) is closed

Sphinx Alley

Jane reports on this and has picked out the Washington Post story as the best - saves me time!  Sphinx Alley is the avenue of sphinxes forming a processional way between Luxor and Karnak Temples.  She also predicts that the Mut Temple could be open in a few years' time.


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