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I recently reported that Jane Akshar had posted notes from the Mummification Museum lecture on Tomb 28, one of the Tombs of the Nobles on the West Bank near the Valley of the Kings. Andie has found an earlier announcement in Spanish of the expedition:

The Egyptian authorities have granted permission to Spain to work in a major unpublished 23rd Dynasty Theban tomb. A new Spanish archaeological project in Luxor (Egypt), in charge of the Institute of Studies of the Old Egypt of Madrid [will conduct the project].

There’s also a Web site for the project in Spanish but the front page reads like this:

Tomb No. 28 of Asasif (Friederike Kampp - Die Thebanische Nekropole catalog.) Zum Wandel des Grabgedankens von der 18th. bis zur 20th. Dynastie. (Mainz 1996) is located in the Theban necropolis in the area of Asasif South, front and on the tomb of Dyar (TT366), and adjacent to the tomb of Jeruef (TT192).

This tomb belongs to the period of the dynasty XVIII, during the reign of Amenhotep III (towards 1387 - C. 1348), and was excavated for a sombody who was vizier Amenhotep, valled Huy, whose existence is known securely from the monuments for the Jubilee prime of Amenhotep III, held during the 30th year of his reign.

Excavation of this tomb, with discoveries that could bring, requires a multi-disciplinary approach and will include the development of topographic, architectural and archaeological documentation. The excavation will identify the components that make up the tomb and their artistic and archaeological value, and will assure the architectural structures.

All this must be accompanied by consonant epigraphy, as well as the restoration and consolidation of the monument in all its parts work.

(I've had to paraphrasea bit to make sense.)

There’s more on other pages.
It's also reported Egyptologia by Francisco Martin Valentine and Teresa Bedman. They have put a copyright message on the page to prevent the copying of text so they clearly don’t want people to report even snippets to promote their site so I'll respect that and you’ll need to translate it yourself. The gist though is the that Tomb 28 is of the Amenhotep who was initially the Vizier of Amenhotep during the reign of Amenhotep III, but who later succeeded to the vizierate of Upper Egypt. (Confusingly, Wikipedia reports that his tomb was found in Saqqara.) He disappeared around the 35th year of Amenhotep’s reign and his [Theban] tomb and monuments were later defaced, the authors suppose by adherents of Akhenaten.  Their article is mostly biography of Vizier Amenhotep; there is little about the excavation of the tomb.



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