Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, February 13, 2010

I've been working solidly on the site for the new magazine for the past week and I'm a bit behind with news here, so this is a roundup of several articles.

Avenue of the Sphinxes and the Luxor Temple Mosque

Jane Akshar has more on these.  She also has an update on the excavations in the Temple of Luxor with such photos as in these days we are allowed.  We now have less photos of excavations than a century ago in the day of Howard Carter.  Such is progress apparently.

Brooklyn Museum at the Temple of Mut

The team are back at the Karnak temple of Mut.  You can read about it on their blog.  In terms of reporting, they are once again setting the standards.  It's excavations like the Cliff Mission, The Brooklyn Museum and the new Malqata dig (see below) which are showing that high standards of scholarship in the 21st Century means maintaining a great dig diary online both as a way of sharing culture with the people (culture belongs to all of us, not to the Egyptologists) and as a permanent record of progress day by day.

End of the rant.  This year as well as work in the area around the Taharqa Gate they have also decided to reassemble a 26th Dynasty Healing Chapel.   Do take a look because the photographs are wonderful and the labels help readers to make sense of a very complex site.  There are also photos of 13 coins which they have found and dated to the reigns of Ptolemy IX Soter II.  (No, for once that isn't  typo ;) According to the blog he reigned twice which is something I didn't know.)


Michael C. Carlos Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art have a new site about Malqata.  Thanks again to Jane.  Malaqata is the old New Kingdom royal palace on the Theban West Bank.  It's partially a dig diary and partly a history of Malqata which is a site which has been poorly documented online historically so this is a very welcome addition.  The team describe their plans for the season.  At present they are re-excavating the Temple of Amun.


As many of you know, I maintain a newsfeed on the sidebar which hopefully keeps up with most of the posting about Luxor and the Valley of the Kings without too many false positives.  I've added the new Malqata site and added some filtering to try to remove some of the false matches.  Hopefully it will still work - it's seriously overloaded.  I've included the link above if you want to risk it in your newsreader.  (It does NOT include the feed from this site as it is intended as a utility for me.)



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