Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, February 07, 2010

With many thanks again to Kamil Zachert here is another Cliff Mission video shot by Mr. Dariusz Dudziak in November 2009.  This one is 10 minutes long and captivating.

A reminder that there is now a Cliff Mission FaceBook page.  There is some commentary in the video but it is in Polish.  If you really wish to follow what is going on, perhaps the best bet is to remind yourself of Kamil's photostream which has English titles for the photos which essentially give you some key points of reference.


tim said...

Hi Kate

The video is captivating even without sound though I realize the sound would not help.


Geoff Carter said...

Gives a real sense of the place, good post

Scrabcake said...

I've decided that I (heart) Niwinski. I haven't ever met the guy, but he's so that, his book on 21st dynasty coffins was awesome. (gush)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting video, thanks again for posting.

I notice that at one point a member of the team is shown handling some mummified remains.

Without an English narrative to refer to, I wonder if someone could enlighten me as to whether this indicates one or a number of burials have been located above the cliffs. Evidently whatever is there ha been heavily robbed, but I'm sure enough intruiging data can be obtained from the fragments which are seemingly turning up...


The Green Man

Kate Phizackerley said...

Don't get excited, I assume they are consvering some of the well-known cliff tombs.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that - I thought that might be the case.

Much obliged

The Green Man


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