Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm not going to post these because the sequence includes some illicit photos inside tombs but Ronan Crowley has a number of shots from 10th February of the Valley of the Kings.  Exterior shots of the Valley are from a distance so nothing obvious in them, although somebody may wish to try blowing them up to see whether there is anything in the fine detail.


styler78 said...

I know that photos are now banned in the VOK, but what about if:

An artist walked in (paying of course and leaving his/ her camera at the entrance) and drew the excavations as they happened. Then post them on a site like this. Would that be legal?

Anonymous said...

When you leave the relative security of countries that provide and protect the liberties of their citizens and visitor, and go to places that want your money but provide scant protection of any liberties, you take a great risk. I would not go back to such a country if anyone could possible link me to any crime I could be charged with, no matter how petty. Just try to visit one of that countries prisons or access web sites about their criminal system and them make your decision.

Kate Phizackerley said...

By reputation, Luxor taxi drivers are a hard bitten lot. The last time I was there I would wander out to the street and take tea and chat. I found them very approachable and helpful.

Countries are very different. Sometimes what one loses in one area can be compensated by the hospitality of local people. YMMV of course.

rymerster said...

I'm sure Egypt and Zahi do not want to put people off from visiting the VOK - but if there are ongoing investigations they will want to protect access to information for a variety of reasons. It's not just about the TV and magazine deals - there's a potential for organised crime, theft or damage.

I'm sure once the authorities are satisfied that the VOK has been scoured for all possible places of interest it will be re-organised with the paying tourist in mind.

I was amused yesterday at ABBAworld in London to note that flash photography was banned in case it damaged the vinyage glam costumes. Reminded me of the VOK. How tragic.


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