Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, February 02, 2010

AR has just left this comment (many thanks) on the latest photo of excavations in the Valley of the Kings which I posted last week:

I was visiting [the Valley of the Kings] on Friday the 22th and saw them [the excavations] as described by RP and Dennis. This picture was on the other side to KV40, but the archaologists were digging close to KV40 and KV59 as well. There were also people emerging from KV31. An english speaking guide told us, that they found a good preserved sacrophagus in KV31. As we were leaving Kings Valley, Hawass appeared. I suppose they were opening the sacrophagus.
 Note: the Theban Mapping Project records tomb KV31 as 18th Dynasty and completely full of debris.  They wonder whether a sarcophagus in the British Museum came from this tomb, but it is also possible it was never properly explored.

If anybody can corroborate this, or add further details, that would be appreciated.

(There are a few links to other articles I'll round up in the next few days including an annoucement that Dr Hawass has called a press conference for 17th February to report on the DNA tests of Tutankhamun's mummy, but the above report from AR is probably the biggest reported news at present.)



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