Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, March 07, 2010

Heritage Key report that the end of the tunnel in tomb KV35 KV17 in the Valley of the Kings has been reached and drop hints that a chamber may be discovered.  It's confusing but it sounds as though they have found an opening and a stairway.  The report is very sketchy but I can't find anything better.

(Those interested in the Great Pyramid will be interested that Hawass is now also a convert to what many people have been saying for 20 years - that there is a chamber undiscovered in the Great Pyramid.)

[Thanks to Len Solt and Chris for spotting my error.  I had KV17 correctly in the tags but have KV35 in the text.  That's now corrected.]


Chris said...

Kate, I think you mean KV17. This is

Chris said...

This is very exciting news! The suspense is KILLING me!

Dennis said...

I read the HK article as saying:
1. The end of the tunnel is reached.
2. Start of the tunnel (inside the burial chamber)is a small hole with a stone stair case.
3. No further discoveries
The old video posted with the new article gives Zahi's hopes for a major discovery.

Owen said...

Hi, this is Owen Jarus. I was flipping through Egyptology blogs and read about the confusion.

I just put this note below the article.

"Just to clarify the wording. The staircase is in the tunnel and leads down to the opening. Near the opening there is a hieroglyphic inscription.

We don't know what is on the other side of the opening yet. Workmen still have to move a few rocks to access it.

I understand there was a little bit of confusion about the wording among readers. My apologies for that."

best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I attended Zahi's San Francisco lecture on 03-08-10. He stated he was rushing back to open tomb next week. This is at the end of 700 ft. excavation of the rubble filled shaft from KV17 burial chamber that has been known since Belzoni, thought to be a tunnel leading to ground water to connect with Osiris ritual burial.


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